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Skin Brushing


What is Dry 'Skin Brushing'?
You brush your teeth, you brush your hair, why not your skin...


Skin Brushing is the act of brushing your skin while it is dry using a natural body brush.  Synthetic brushes can scratch and cause abrasions. Natural brushes like boar hair brushes are firm yet soft, and will not cause any skin abrasions.  

 Both men and women benefit from dry skin brushing.

 There are many different shapes and sizes of body brushes and we recommended using what you feel comfortable with.  Some like brushes with long handles so they can easily brush their backs, while others prefer a hand or palm brush with hand straps for more intense and direct brushing.  Regardless of the brush shape and size, choose one with natural boar hairs.

 Starting from the bottoms of your feet, brush using upward brush strokes finishing off with your shoulders and neck.  This directional brushing increases blood flow back to your heart, while also boosting your lymphatic flow.  When you brush your bottom and your abdomen, brush in counter clockwise circles.  For women, brush gently over and under your breasts, but avoid brushing your nipples.  Arms should be brushed from your hands towards your shoulders.  

Due to the texture of the dry bristles, avoid brushing your face in this regimen.  Instead, follow this with a mini-facal using a cosmetic brush.

 During this process you are increasing circulation in the skin and removing dead skin cells by exfoliation.  While many prefer to brush in the shower before bathing, you can perform skin brushing at your vanity while standing on a towel.

Following brushing, try a warm shower or bath with our Patchouli Mint natural soap.  This bar contains peppermint essential oil which provides a cool refreshing treat for the pores on your skin. Finish your regimen with a cool water rinse.

 For best results, daily brushing is recommended, and twice a day is even better.  Use firm strokes when brushing, and you can brush the same area 3-4 times.  However, do be careful that you don't apply so much pressure that you aggravate your skin.  This should be a pleasurable experience, not one where you are grimacing with each stroke.

Keep in mind this is "dry" brushing, so be sure to bathe after and not before.

If you have skin abrasions from a rash, suffer from hives, or have any cuts or open wounds, avoid brushing those areas until they have healed.

 Additional benefits from skin brushing:

  • Increases cell renewal
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your immune system
  • Makes your skin tighter, healthier and smoother
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite 

And lastly, it simply makes you feel good all over!



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