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plm-frag-3.jpgEssential Oils (E):   All natural Essential Oils are plant derived typically through a steam or water distillation process.  Since most are used for therapeutic purposes, these volatile oils can be dangerous if large quantities are inhaled for too long -- a little really does go a long way.  At Pour le Mieux Bath & Body Essentials, we use only therapeutic-grade certified pure essential oils for our products.  Look for the "(E)" to be sure your product's scent is synthetic-free.

Fragrance Oils (F):  While we strive to be as natural as possible, there are simply some scents we could not live without.  "Fragrance Oils" are synthetic concoctions that are created to mimic scents that cannot be created through a natural process, or are far too expensive to manufacture.  We use only premium grade oils that are phthalate-free and made in the USA.  Fragrance Oils are indicated on our site with an "(F)" for easy identification.

Flavor Oils (FL): Similar to Fragrance Oils in terms of origin and manufacturing, Flavor Oils are safe for consumption in minute quantities.  We use these tasty oils in our lip balms and flavored massage bars, which are identified by "(FL)."