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You've Got Mail!

Posted by Stacy on

While this is one of my FAVORITE movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, I'm just borrowing the name for a quick, earth-shattering post.

One of the most enjoyable things after a long day is collecting the mail and finding a little personal goodie! “Who could be sending me something?” When they don’t include their name, you flip it over, trying to guess the giver.

My mail the other day, took me for a REAL loop!! What company would be sending me a birthday greeting this early? A birthday coupon from Ruth Chris? No, I didn’t sign-up for their email notifications. A special promo code from Macy’s? Very possible, I definitely get enough sales notifications. Oh! William Sonoma was sending me a special goodie in an unmarked envelope!! After second thought, not likely. All of those were wrong. My special birthday surprise was, “Welcome to AARP.” What?? I’m not even 50!! Why are they sending me this mess??

After calling my mother to share the shock, she was like, “Oh yeah! They send it early now!” My husband has been ITCHING to get his and was more excited than I dare share.

After I calmed down a bit, I looked over some of the benefits.

  • 12 month membership for a household member living with me (that would be my dear super-excited hubby)
  • The AARP Magazine which, per my mother’s testimony, has lots of great articles for my age group
  • Health and Dental benefits including pharmaceuticals
  • The special AARP Bulletin Newspaper
  • Travel discounts: hotels, car rental, cruises, etc.
  • Discounts on cellular service
  • And an advocate for age discrimination, pension protection rights, Social Security, Medicare, and so on.

For a mere $16 a year, those are some good benefits. My mother-in-law just shared with me that she could have gotten hers for $35 for a lifetime. Obviously, those days are over because the longest membership I can get at one time is 5 years. She even shared with me that Costco extends a membership discount for AARP members. Now THERE’S a place we frequent!

I guess I can shake off my bruised pride, pay the membership fee and enjoy the benefits. My AAA discount can only go so far.

Thank you AARP, for my birthday present!


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