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Two Weeks and Counting

Posted by Stacy on

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The importance of vacations and get-a-ways, and what to do in your last two weeks to get ready.

Can you believe there are some people out there that do not vacation or plan get-a-ways?  They work their 9-to-5, and sometimes don't take a day off, even when they are sick.

That has never been me, and I don't think it ever will.

I remember family members NEVER taking time off. It was unbelievable.  No matter what type of job you do, our bodies and minds need time to rest and relax.  It's like a rubber band being wound too tight.  Eventually the stress starts to show and the band will break.  This could be in the form of a vocal tongue-lashing, or a more serious health condition.  Even if it's only a joy ride to your favorite park or an impromptu fishing outing, take time out for YOU to reconnect with yourself.

My current situation is two weeks and counting to my time for rejuvenation, and these are things we consider before traveling:

  • Confirm Transportation:  Take a few minutes to double check your flight, rail or cruise departures.  This is especially important if you booked your transportation far in advance.  If you are renting a car, check to see if the rates are lower than your original booking and request a rate adjustment.  Most agencies do this without any hassle.
  • Confirm Overnight Accommodations:  If you made any special requests such as near the elevators, or on a high floor, or an ocean-view King, be sure to double check that your requests are still within the reservation.  At this time, you may want to consider an upgrade, budget permitting.
  • Double-Check Ground Transfers: This is very important if you are traveling internationally, or relying on your distant cousin.  Ensure you have indicated the correct pick-up and drop-off points, along with the carrier you are using.  For transfer agencies, your confirmation number may not be required, but the flight is, as the agency will monitor changes in flight schedules.  Ensure your cousin's schedule still permits a pick-up and give them a special token of appreciation when they drop you off.
  • Wardrobe Planning to Prevent Wardrobe Malfunctions:  Your favorite swimsuit may need to be replaced if it hasn't been unused for a while.  Elastic wears and will loose its elasticity and become brittle.  Unless you know your destination's surrounding resources, be sure to plan your wardrobe.  This will allow you to take advantage of any upcoming sales, saving you money that you could take with you on vacation.  Also, it reduces the stress of, "I just had these all-weather pants on last year....why don't they fit??"  Check each garment to ensure it's clean, doesn't need any repairs, and can easily be packed in your suitcase.  I use to over-pack EVERY trip to ensure I had anything that I might need away from home.  That means large suitcases with lots of shoes and accessories.  When returning home, I'd discover that I used less than half of the things I brought!!  AND my back was hurting from pulling the luggage.
  • Plan Your Excursions: One of my best vacations, as strange as it may seem for me, included doing absolutely nothing.  We met the sunrise on the beach, spent the day at the pool, and played Spin-for-Dinner to determine how we were going to close the night.  If you are traveling for a specific event or purpose, you may not have time for excursions.  However, if this is a fun get-a-way to place you've never been, take a look at your destination's excursions and activities.  You could book activities before your arrival if there is something you are sure you want to do, like a cultural cooking class that is held once a week.  The same holds true for the spa.  Some locations book up early and you may not get the services you had hoped for if you wait for your arrival.  The good thing is that cancellations are usually 24hours, or you could potentially reschedule when you check-in.  When booking services, keep in mind you are on vacation, and that 7am massage may not sound so good if your flight was late and you arrived at the hotel at 1am.

If you have children, you may need to do all of the above for them as well, regardless of whether or not they are traveling with you.  A trip to Grandpa and Grandma's house will be less stressful on all parties if they arrive prepared and with their "comforts of home."  The same holds true for pet care.

We are officially at the two week mark of some much needed vacation, so let the packing begin!

When was the last time you went on vacation or at least took a day for yourself? 

Is there a location you always dreamed of visiting but the "financial" time was never right?  

Take a few moments and make your travel Bucket List.  Choose a location, a date, and make it happen!  It's not that hard and will get the ball rolling for more adventures.


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