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Graham Crackers to the Rescue

Posted by Stacy on

Photo Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen, Flickr

It's National Graham Cracker Day!!  

Created in 1829, these crackers were originally unsweetened. Over time, they developed a sweeter taste to the one we enjoy today.

Graham Crackers have a soft spot in my heart because I can remember eating them at snack time in Kindergarten. 

Mid-day, we would all sit quietly at our shared desks and await the blessing of the cracker.  First came the napkins which we placed "just so" in front of us -- nothing fancy, just paper towels or the thin bulk napkins.  When everyone had their napkins, the small boxes of milk followed.  No straws were needed because the cartons had the built in pour spouts many larger cartons still use today.  Then it was time for the crackers.  If crackers were not in tact, you could hear the tiny, whiny voices as they described the horrific ordeal.  "Ms. Jane, my cracker is broken!! I don't wanna eat it!"  And any other excuse you can name -- a broken corner, someone already broke it in half, or the last one in the pack.  When you were fortunate enough to get the unbroken cracker, YOU got to break it yourself!  First in half, and then split the two halves again.  Now you had four crackers instead of one.  Genius!! Ms. Jane was grateful we were all quiet for at least the next ten minutes.

What snacks bring your children or family such complete joy that any noise or bustle is replaced with sheer silence?

For some of our kids, it's cheesecake, where the Graham Cracker makes its illustrious appearance again -- but in a more adult form!  My husband is the baker in our family and keeps a Costco Vat of them available for on the spot orders or cries from the family.  In this case, broken pieces are desired because it's less work for him.  Off to the food processor they go to be whisked into dusk, and later enhanced with butter and other goodies from his arsenal.  Not quite the same experience as the fond kindergarten memories, but a different, more fulfilling joy awaits us.

As we pay homage to the cinnamon-colored goddess known as the Graham Cracker, what special memories come to mind?  Have you replaced this age-old treat with Teddy Grahams?  How will you participate in National Graham Cracker Day?

Share your memories and celebrations below in our comment section.  "As for me and my household, we will serve the Graham Cracker to support the cheesecake."  But for now, I'll just grab a few with some milk and start dunking!!


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