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Is Produce Becoming Endangered?

Posted by Stacy on

The California Drought is Wrecking Havoc on Produce

Recently I shared with you my favorite smoothie recipe that includes fruit and vegetables, both of which are produce. What I didn't share was that Californians are in the midst of a drought.

Many times we take for granted that if we need something, we just run to the store and grab it. We don't think twice about availability...

Hoping in the car on the way to the local grocery store:

  • Gruyere Cheese? Got it!
  • Goat's Milk? You bet!
  • Spinach? Of course!! After all, it is the number one ingredient in my Power 8 Smoothie...

Well, not really....

With our drought comes a shortage in everyday items. A friend shared with me that she had to wait three weeks for a shipment of spinach to arrive at her nearby Trader's Joes. "It was frustrating and I felt I had to stalk the markets to be the first one to grab it when it arrived. Since the clerks didn't know when it would arrive, I kept going to the store on Sundays and Mondays before 10am to see what arrived in the shipments." She could resort to frozen spinach, but the prices have increased due to the demand. Plus, fresh is usually best.

The drought has really caused us to be more aware of our water usage, and more importantly water waste.

No more long relaxing showers -- get it, handle the business, and get it out. Did you take emersion baths on a daily basis in your oversized jet tub? Not anymore, you don't. Trim it down to a weekly bath, or maybe even twice a month. Brush your teeth with the water running? For shame! The roses bushes that are trimming your front yard are now getting watered with left over dish water, or run-off from washing purchased fruits and veggies.

We've all had to make adjustments, which has resulted in a 29% savings of water overall. We've all done on part, and it's paid off.

But what if things don't improve and get worse?

Could we be looking at produce as a black market item? Let's hope not!!


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