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The Village of One

Posted by Stacy on

It takes just one person to truly set your dreams into action -- you!

We hear so many times that it takes a village to do this and a village to do that, but how many of us really look at the chief of the village?  YOU are the one making your requests known in your circle of friends and colleagues, and you determine where and when you need assistance from the village.

As sole proprietors, we wear many hats.  Production.  Sales.  Marketing.  Accounting.  Shipping.  Web Master.  Public Affairs.  Charity.  Custodian.  And any other role you can think of.  Many of us have a staff of 0-2, but need to recognize when we need additional assistance. 

The following are a few of the village roles that I call upon on a regular basis:

The Event Coordinating Villager:  These are VERY special people to me because they can take direction and not take it personal if I forget to say "Please and thank you" at every single request.  They receive special love tokens at the close of an event, which often includes a dinner out.  They are persons who have been in my village for years and always want to help and support where they can.

The Production and Packaging Villager: These are my volunteers who help out in a pinch with large orders, or short turn arounds.  Typically this bunch gets lots of "thank yous" and on the spot appreciation for stepping in to help with a few days notice.  

The Marketing and Collateral Council:  My business would not be where it is today with these individuals and companies.  This council ensures that our face of public image is properly portrayed without errors and in the right places.  Most of these villagers are contracted or hired for specific tasks that involve marketing and or social media.

And don't forget the Town Criers: those who will sample just about anything you make or service and will share the news and goodies with others.

As your village or demand grows, it may be time to look at expanding which could be a full-time store front or service location.

Have you considered entrepreneurship?  

Do you enjoy meeting new people? 

Do you work well independently?

In the August 2015 issue of Oprah Magazine, there are eight self-quizzes (pages 100-111) to determine your strengths to help you identify and make the most of who you are.

And lastly, surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and learn from them.  We are willing to assist, when schedules permit, and can also share useful resources that help the day-to-day run a little smoother.

So your homework is to take the quizzes, identify your village and go after your dreams!!  My homework is to inspire you with Pour le Mieux product information, and entrepreneural morsels to help your business expand and grow!


Today's Crayon Color:  Razzmatazz


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A native San Franciscan, wife and mother -- I am a human resources professional by day, and by night, elbow deep in bubbles and lotions as the sole-proprietor of Pour le Mieux Bath and Body Essentials. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, fine dining, sewing and knitting.

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